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A gaming keyboard is a keyboard designed for PC gamers. It has a few performance and design features that make it better than a regular typing keyboard, though its use is not limited to just gaming. The main advantages of a gaming keyboard are increased durability, key switches that offer different “feels” and high levels of n-key rollover (the ability to support multiple simultaneous presses).

Gaming keyboards may also include features like RGB lighting or dedicated media keys, although those extras usually don’t affect gameplay. They might be a nice visual touch, however, and some gamers prefer the “cool” look of backlighting.

There are two types of key switches in a gaming keyboard: mechanical and membrane. A mechanical keyboard uses a metal spring and metal or plastic electrical connectors to register each press. A gaming keyboard with a mechanical switch will also have “analog” keys that add an additional layer of control. If you want to change the way a key feels, you can hot-swap the switches without needing to desolder them, which lets you easily swap in another type of switch.

A good gaming keyboard will also feature low latency, which helps you to react faster to your game and move around in a virtual environment. It will also have anti-ghosting, which means that it can detect even the most complex combination of keystrokes and ensure that every one of them is registered by your computer. In addition to these features, a good gaming keyboard will have an excellent warranty to help you out if something goes wrong. gaming keyboard

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