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Industrial Air Cleaner is a filtering system designed to remove airborne dust, contaminants and particulate from your workspace. This system uses powerful fans and HEPA or Activated Carbon filtration to continuously filter out the dirty air, and then redistribute the cleaner air back into the room. This system is effective in a wide range of applications and is available for any size area.

Protect the health of your employees, the longevity of your machinery and improve the quality of your products with high-end industrial filtration systems. Euromate offers a complete line of industrial air purifiers to extract harmful impurities, such as fumes, dust, smoke and metal particles from the environment.

Our industrial air filtration systems are ideal for a variety of industries, including pharmaceutical, manufacturing, aerospace, research and development, defense, and food processing. These industrial air filters are also ideal for the removal of chemical vapors and volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), as well as smoke, molds and germs.

Industrial environments require a complex set of ventilation and air cleaning solutions that are specifically tailored to the unique production process and work environment. Industrial machining applications can produce hazardous airborne mist, smoke and metal particles that need to be captured to limit worker exposure and the risk of fires and explosions from combustible dust. Other environmental challenges include pharmaceutical containment for potent compounds and odor control.

Depending on the application, we can offer industrial air cleaners and ventilation solutions that include oil mist collectors, downdraft tables, environmental control booths, weld smoke and fume extraction arms, industrial vacuum systems, chemical vapor scrubbers, or wet scrubbing. Each is designed to capture and disperse a specific pollutant, limit stack emissions or fumes or eliminate hazardous vapors from the plant environment.

The effectiveness of industrial air cleaners and filters depends on the type and size of the pollutants being removed. The EPA notes that effective air cleaners will remove particles in the size range of 0.1-1 micrometer. They are typically reported by manufacturers using different rating systems, such as particle removal size or Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR).

An industrial air cleaner is a filtering system that removes airborne particles from the working environment to protect workers and equipment. These systems are typically used in areas that have a need for continuous filtration and contain a number of filters in one unit. The filter system works by sucking air into the unit, passing it through multiple high-end filters that remove contaminants and then pump the cleaned air back out into the working environment.

An industrial air filtration system that features a combination of ambient and portable (source capture) air cleaners is often the most effective solution. It allows for the use of larger industrial air cleaners as stand-alone systems to create planned air circulation patterns, while providing the flexibility of portable (or source capture) units when a more targeted filtration system is required. This approach is often utilized in pharmaceutical containment applications where a more precise and sensitive particle removal system is necessary. commercial air cleaner

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