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What Time Does Season 8 of Apex Legends Start?What Time Does Season 8 of Apex Legends Start?

If you’re wondering when Season 8 of Apex Legends is starting, you’re not alone. We’ve all been waiting for this to happen and with it comes a host of changes to the meta. This includes the addition of a new weapon, Fuse, and a new map, New Legend.


Fuse is the latest Legend in Apex Games, and he is a new player to the scene. He has a lot of explosives skills. Having a background in cage fighting, Fuse knows how to use explosives in his favor. But there are many players who don’t know what Fuse does, or how to use his abilities to their advantage.

The game’s developers have released the first story trailer for Season 8 and have also revealed a few details about the new weapon that Fuse is going to be carrying in the game. It is called the 30-30 Repeater, and it is a heavy, hard hitting rifle that can charge shots while you are aiming down sights.

The weapon that Fuse is carrying in Apex Games is the 30-30 Repeater, a heavy, lever-action rifle. It is Salvo’s most popular firearm. Aside from its heavy impact, the gun has a few other features.

Fuse can launch a tactical cluster bomb, which splinters out mini-concussion mines on impact. This is a great ability to utilize if you are trying to stick players in place.

Fuse is also a master of grenades. He carries a lot of them, and he can launch them with better accuracy than most Legends. Another benefit of being a Fuse is his passive Grenadier, which lets him stack extra grenades in his inventory.

New Legend

If you’re a fan of the Apex Legends games, you may be curious to know what to expect when the new season is released. Season 8 will feature a new hero, a new weapon, and a new battle pass.

The first brand-new gun in the game is the 30-30 Repeater. This lever-action repeater has a high-powered punch and heavy ammo. It also has a built-in charge, which means you don’t have to rechamber rounds between shots.

The new season is set to release on February 2nd. Players will be able to access Apex Legends on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. However, the Nintendo Switch version won’t have cross-play.

Apex Legends is a video game developed and published by Respawn Entertainment, the company behind Titanfall. As with all Respawn games, it’s available for both PS4 and Xbox One. Although the company has a partnership with Electronic Arts, it has not officially announced a release on the Switch.

The first update for Apex Legends season 8 is scheduled to go live on February 2. In addition to the change of map and the addition of a new hero, there are also a number of changes to weapons and cosmetics.

Fuse is a new character in Apex Legends season 8. Having previously been a cage fighter, Fuse has a special affinity for explosives. His rivalry with an unknown friend goes a bit further when Fuse decides to take the challenge of Apex Games.

New weapon

Throughout Apex Legends: Season 8 – Mayhem, players will be given the opportunity to use a new weapon. The 30-30 Repeater is a lever-action repeater that uses heavy ammo. It features a built-in charge bar to allow players to quickly and efficiently reload.

The 30-30 is a heavy ammo weapon that is best used at mid to long range. As a result, the 30-30 is a powerful gun that will pick up opponents and deliver a lot of damage. However, it can take some time to reload from empty. This is why it’s a good idea to switch guns during a firefight.

In addition to the new weapon, season 8 will also include the introduction of gold-tier weapon magazines. These Gold Magazines automatically reload your weapons. Compared to Purple Mags, Gold Magazines offer a unique twist to reloading your weapon.

Using a Gold Magazine will let you reload your weapon in a fraction of the time. You’ll be able to find these in the loot box. They will not only give you a new twist to reloading your weapon, but will also automatically load the holder’s holstered weapon as well.

The first Arena is receiving a big overhaul, and players will be able to visit a new playable area. Players can also check out a new point of interest called the Spotted Lakes.

Aside from these changes, players will also be given the chance to snag a new character. The character Fuse is one of the game’s new heroes, and is coming to Apex Games with a new weapon.

Along with the new weapon and character, season eight also introduces a new location. Salvo, a planet where battle royale fans can go, is getting a whole new look.

New map

It looks like Apex Legends Season 8 is going to be a lot more action-packed than what we had in Season 7. In addition to a new map, a new Legend, and a new Battle Pass, there are also a lot of changes to Legends, weapons, and the metagame.

There are also some tweaks to reviving and healing. As well as some other quality of life improvements

A new weapon called the 30-30 Repeater will also be added to the game’s arsenal. This gun is a hip-fire weapon that lets you switch between charged and uncharged shots. It also deals 42 damage on body shots.

Along with the changes, the Olympus map has also been updated. Lead Level Designer Dave Osei explained how the map got the makeover.

Overall, Apex Legends Season 8 will be a good start for Respawn Entertainment’s wildly popular battle royale title. With a brand-new map, a new hero, a new Legend, and some other surprises, Season 8 is sure to deliver on the hype.

Changes to the meta

The Apex Legends Season 8: Mayhem update has arrived, and with it comes changes to the meta. Among other things, the game will feature the new 30-30 Repeater, which will allow players to charge up a shot for insane destruction.

This season also sees a change to the map. Kings Canyon, the most popular map, will get a massive ship to crash into it. And Spotted Lakes, an area of sniper nests, will be added to Sniper’s play area.

Other changes to the game include a new PvP reward system and a damage counter. The new patch also introduces the Legend Fuse, a legendary explosive that can be used to launch grenades farther than ever before.

Horizon, another new Legend, has been buffed. His abilities have been improved, and his Gravity Lift nerf is an attempt to balance his powerful win rate.

Respawn has also reworked certain weapons and legends. One of those changes is to the Fully Kitted weapons from Season 7. In their place, the Longbow DMR and Spitfire have been introduced.

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