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A words per minute test is a type of typing speed test that measures your typing speed by the number of characters you can type in one minute. It doesn’t take into account your typing accuracy or how well you know the text. It is often used to evaluate the typing ability of students.

Using our online wpm test you can instantly get your typing speed report, which shows how many words you managed to type in a given amount of time. We provide you with the results as a percentage, so you can easily compare your results to those of other people and see how you rank. We also offer a customizable certificate of completion for you to share with your friends and coworkers.

You can try to figure out your speaking speed experimentally by getting a stopwatch (or the timer on your phone), reading a passage of text aloud, and then stopping the watch. You can then divide the total number of words you read by the number of minutes it took to read it.

Another metric for measuring reading speed is Words Corrected per Minute, which is calculated by subtracting the number of errors from the total number of words read and then dividing by the total time in minutes. This metric is sometimes more accurate than the standard WPM score because it takes into account typing accuracy.

Our wpm test offers you the option to select either the High-School or College difficulty level, then click “Start Test”. You will be presented with a short passage that you must read as fast as possible. The test is designed to span 1 to 2 minutes, so make sure you’re in a quiet environment and have a stable internet connection. words per minute test

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