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You may be feeling that your career is not shaping according to your expectations, or perhaps you are thinking that you need to add to your educational qualifications. If you are in business, you may be thinking on the lines of seeking advice from a professional business coach. Or, you think that your relationship is not really fulfilling. Under all such circumstances, people are prompted to seek the help of life coaches. Now, assume that all your attempts to lose weight through various diet programs have failed to bring in positive results, and you are at wits ends to know how to proceed for achieving your targeted goals. Here, you’ll find a health coach helpful in making the necessary changes to your diet and lifestyle.

What are they?

Health coaches are professionals who coach people motivated to follow healthier lifestyles. Generally, they are freelancers who may be associated with other practitioners, like massage therapists, chiropractors or a wellness/fitness center.

Well, anybody can claim to be a health coach, but some go to join a course and get a certificate. The job of a health coach is not to diagnose or prescribe, as some may wrongly claim to be. Some of these professionals may have a background in nursing or be experienced in connected fields, like acupuncture, personal training or acupressure.

Like any other coach, a health coach works with its client to understand what is stopping them from reaching their goals. You can opt to seek assistance from a coach for making changes in your lifestyle, but a coach may work keeping in mind the diagnosis provided by a doctor. For instance, your physician may ask you to control your intake of sugar, but he may lack the time to guide you by preparing a detailed diet program, which includes helpful recipes. For that purpose, you’ll realize your that health coach can be of great help, and assist your treatment.

How do they work?

The majority of wellness or health coaches would want to know your personal goals, and design a plan to help you achieve it. Usually, coaches assist their clients for a specified length of time, for example three to six months, during which they help the clients to bring changes in their lifestyle and get used to them. They can offer their services to an individual or may coach a group of people needing their support. Some may guide their clients through telephonic talks.

You should understand that a professional nutritionist or dietician is mainly concerned about your diet, but a health coach takes a more holistic approach to your lifestyle that could have a direct or indirect bearing on your health. These would naturally include the quality of sleep, the management of stress, self care, satisfactory relationships and career aspects. A health coach makes specific suggestions that you need to follow, and keeps a check on how well you are following them during the course of your meetings with him. corporate wellness coach

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