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When you’re planning a move, getting a moving quote online can help you determine the cost of your move without having to let someone into your home or sit on the phone for long periods of time. Many reputable moving companies offer online quoting systems that make it easy for you to get a price estimate from the comfort of your couch. However, it’s important to know how these quotes work and what they might include so you can avoid any surprises come your moving day.

Most online moving quote calculators ask you to fill out some information about your move, such as the date and size of your home. Then, based on your answers, the calculator will provide an instant quote that you can use to narrow down your options. However, these instant quotes should be considered only as rough estimates that can change once the movers arrive on moving day and see what you actually have in your home.

Online quoting tools are designed to estimate the size of your home and how much it will weigh, as well as any other additional costs that might be included. For example, if you have special items such as a piano or a pool table that requires disassembling and reassembling, these are likely going to cost more than your average box of clothes. The same goes for any additional labor needed for a move such as the disconnection and reconnecting of appliances, or unpacking services after your relocation is complete. These are all things that can easily add up to a significantly higher than expected final bill.

Often, the simplest way to determine a price for a move is to request a non-binding or binding not-to-exceed estimate. If a mover gives you a non-binding quote, the company may charge more on your final bill than what they estimated, but under federal law, they cannot charge more than 110% of the original non-binding quote when your belongings are delivered. A binding not-to-exceed estimate, on the other hand, prevents movers from charging you more than the price they quoted unless there are unexpected obstacles during your move that they could not anticipate when they gave you your initial estimate.

In addition to the size and weight of your items, the cost of a move can also depend on the number of hours you need movers for. This is common with hourly rate moves and can be influenced by factors such as a busy weekend move during peak season or the addition of full-value insurance protection to your quote.

The type of truck and gas prices are another factor that can change your moving quote. A large and bulky item can require a larger truck and therefore increase the overall price of your move, while the addition of specialized equipment like dollies or crating will also increase the price. Finally, a mover’s extra fees might also influence the price of your relocation, including charges for fuel, toll roads, inspections, and taxes. get a moving quote online

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