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If you are planning a local or a long distance move, you want to get free moving quotes. Free quotes are important so that you can have a good idea of how much it will cost you to move.

The first step to getting free moving quotes is to compile a list of the belongings you are planning to move.

This is called creating an inventory. Your moving inventory should include all of the items you will be moving.

Also, think about any special moving services you might need, such as special packing services, storage or auto transport. These are important things you want to discuss with any moving company. They will affect the price of your move! Once you have created your inventory, it will be time to look for a mover.

What do you want to know about movers? First each moving company must be licensed, bonded and insured movers that meet all state and federal requirements.

Secondly, you will want to be sure that they are an experienced and reliable professional moving company. There are a few ways to get free moving quotes and find out about moving companies.

The first way to find out about movers is from friends or relatives that recently moved. They can tell you about their moving experience and the moving company they used.

The next way is to start calling moving companies in your area. You can sit down with the phone book or go on line, look for movers and start to call moving companies in your area.

This is very time consuming and is quite a bit of work! Nowadays, when we all lead busy lives, we don’t have the time for this!

The best way to get free moving quotes is by going on line. Moving companies in the will provide you with a free moving quote. Some movers will be able to provide you with an in home moving estimate and some will provide you with an on line moving estimate.

What is the difference between the two? Is one better that the other? This a great question. The answer really depends on you! An in house moving quote is based on a visit to your home by a professional moving expert or consultant. They will do a walk through of your home with you and list all of your belongings.

Then they will sit down with their computer, enter all of the information you supplied and give you a free printed moving quote for your move.

Some customers prefer this. They need to see a face and not just hear a voice.

However, remember that the person that visited your home is a sales person. This will not be the person you will see on your moving day.

Also, with today’s economy, many moving companies no longer offer in house estimates, since it does add to the cost of moving.

All moving companies offer on line moving quotes.

How is this done? You go on line and you can request free on line moving quotes at any number of moving webistes.

We have found that many customers prefer not having sales people in their homes. We all have had bad experiences at one time or another getting that salesman out of our home!

This is especially true when it comes to a stressful experienced like moving. We don’t want to feel pressured into making quick and bad decisions.

Another advantage of an on line moving quote is that while you are speaking with your moving consultant, all the information about your move goes directly into the computer. This saves valuable time!

An on line moving quote is created using the same computer program as an in house quote. However, because the moving consultant at an in house needs to write down all of the information first and then put in into their computer, the time involved is much longer and you won’t get the written moving quote right away. quotes for moving companies

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