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Perhaps best known as the home of the University of Arkansas, the city of Fayetteville, nestled in the northwestern corner of the state, includes many other fascinating historic attractions. Come visit this beautiful town, enjoy some fun and recreation in the nearby Ozark Mountains, and learn a little more about the significant events that have taken place in its past.

The Butterfield Overland Mail passed through Fayetteville in the mid-nineteenth century. In operation from 1857 to 1861, the 2,800-mile stagecoach route was in operation longer than any other in history. You can pick up a map at the Fayetteville Visitors Bureau to trace its path through the modern city.

Rising 1,700 feet above sea level, Mt. Sequoyah is the highest point in the area. Its namesake created the Cherokee alphabet and translated portions of the Bible into his native language. Looking west from a cross near the summit, you will see the gap in the hills where the infamous Trail of Tears passed, along which the displaced tribes of the Southeastern U.S. were moved to reservations.

Just 30 miles north of Fayetteville is the Pea Ridge National Military Park, site of an American Civil War battle in March, 1862 that is generally regarded as the decisive action that kept the state of Missouri in the Union. Stop at the visitor center to pick up a brochure for the self-guided driving tour of the battlefield. A museum and gift shop are housed in the visitor center.

Another Civil War conflict is remembered at the Prairie Grove Battlefield State Park just west of the city. More than 20,000 soldiers fought and died on this ground in December, 1862. A visitor center and museum is on site, and an auto tour is available. Both Pea Ridge and Prairie Grove are considered to be among the most perfectly intact Civil War sites remaining in the country.

So, the next time you are passing through northwestern Arkansas, pause to spend a little time learning about the history of the area, and enjoy the hospitality of Fayetteville. You will not regret it! asurion customer service

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