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A hiker on the Ozark Trail Customer Service can enjoy a variety of water features, from rivers and streams to waterfalls. These features can add to the beauty and tranquility of the trail, as well as provide a restful place for travelers to recharge.

The Ozark Trail is also home to a variety of wildlife, providing an opportunity for hikers to observe nature at its best. Hikers can expect to see a variety of birds, including woodpeckers and owls, as well as smaller mammals such as deer and squirrels.

The trail is marked by a white and green sign with “OZARK TRAIL” printed in the center. It is usually found on telephone and telegraph poles, and occasionally on trees, and at intersections of trails. It is also used on a special map and is a trademark of the organization.

There are 13 distinct sections of the Ozark Trail. Each section offers a unique hiking experience, including wooded ridge-tops with scenic overlooks, igneous rock “shut-ins” channeling spring-fed crystal clear waters over massive boulders, and dark bottomland forested hollows. Portions of the trail follow fabled rivers such as the Current and a number of renowned caves.

Unlike the National Scenic Trail System, which is managed by the federal government, no act of Congress established or mandated the development of the Ozark Trail. Instead, seven governmental agencies, one private landowner and several environmental groups banded together in what became the Ozark Trail Council to establish the trail over their respective land holdings. The Council meets bi-annually to ensure that the trail is continuously improved and maintained.

The Ozark Trail offers a variety of activities that will appeal to many different types of people. While the trail is most popular among hikers, bikers and horseback riders are welcome as well. However, these activities should take place in accordance with trail etiquette. Hikers should stay on the designated trail, respect other trail users, and leave no trash behind.

The Ozarks can be a challenging area to hike in, especially because of the weather conditions. In the summer, temperatures can be hot and muggy; winters can bring freezing cold. Hikers should plan ahead to prepare for the weather conditions, including bringing clothing, gear and food appropriate for the season.

Sapulpa is home to the southern terminus of the Ozark Trail. Hikers can begin their journey at the historic Rock Creek Bridge, which is a popular stop for those traveling along Route 66. In addition, the trail passes by numerous landmarks in the city, such as the iconic TeePee Drive-In and the American Legion Post 177.

As with any wilderness adventure, hikers on the Ozark Trail should be prepared and know what to expect. Having the right equipment and knowledge will help to make the trail safer and more enjoyable for everyone. A hiker should also be sure to have a map of the trail and plenty of food and water for the duration of their trip. Finally, hikers should always tell someone where they are going and when they expect to be back.

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