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If you run a hairdressing salon or beauty salon, then you’ll already know what salon equipment you need in order to provide the products and services that your clients expect. If you’re setting up a new salon, or refurbishing your salon, then here’s what you need.

1. You’ll want to make sure that you have the right sort of styling chairs for your clients. You will need different sorts of chairs for hair and hail treatments, and the style of chairs will depend on the type of salon and your clientele. A modern looking busy city centre salon will have a different sort of client than a small hairdressers in the suburbs.

2. Your wash areas will need to be suitable for the services your offer as well. You might want modern stylish minimal designs, or you might want something more traditional for your clients.

3. Your reception area is the first impression visitors get of your salon. You need to make sure that your reception furniture is good quality, comfortable and suitable for the type of salon you are.

4. Having a good reception desk is also important. There needs to be enough space for your appointments book, and so that clients can pay, and you’ll also want to have some additional hair and beauty products available to purchase, so that your clients can get the salon look at home too.

5. Your salon will definitely need plenty of storage areas. Whether you’re looking for somewhere to keep your gowns and towels, somewhere to store your hair products, or an area to display your nail polishes, you’ll need to keep your salon tidy and organised.

6. Because hairdryers are so important to your stylists and clients, it’s essential that you get good, salon quality, hairdryers. These will be in use all day everyday, so need to be reliable and last a long time. Hood dryers are also important, and will allow you to style clients’ hair whilst waiting for other clients’ hair to dry.

7. Trolleys are a good idea, so that your stylists and beauticians have everything they need close to hand, and can keep their beauty and hairdressing equipment tidy and organised.

8. If you’re offering beauty treatments as well, then you’ll want to make sure that you have the right number and sorts of treatment couches. These will need to be adjustable so that your beauticians can work on them, and comfortable for your clients.

9. Your nail stations will need to have plenty of light, and be at the right height for your nail technicians and clients. You’ll also need to make sure that you have comfortable adjustable chairs too.

10. As well as chairs for your clients, you’ll need to ensure that you have chairs for you and your staff too. Perhaps there will be times when you need to take a break, or want to discuss styles or treatments with clients.

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