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From 1985 to 2006, The Integra by Honda lived a substantial and highly-regarded life. It was a high end lavish performance coupe that had been included in Car and Drivers Magazine’s Top 10 list a half-dozen times and the R-Type was referred to as the absolute best ever front wheel drivers car.

Prior to going on sale a year later within the luxurious Acura range, the very first generation form of the Integra – just being readily available by way of selected Japanese Honda car dealers – arrived accompanied by whimper. Initially exclusively obtainable by means of particular Japanese Honda car dealers, the initial model of the Integra emerged with a whimper and – included in the luxurious Acura range – only went on sale a year later. Together with the first ever VTEC engine residing within, however, the next generation Integra made a massive impact.

Probably the best-known and most loved cherished treasured appreciated Integra by driving fanatics is the Type-R. Originally launched in the mid ’90s, the Type-R was obviously a driver’s joy. Offering a truly electrifying drive with flawless handling, the Type-R certainly demonstrated its Formula One heritage. Employing a 1.8 litre engine that would get you to 62 within only six-and-a-half seconds, and topped out at a restricted 145 miles per hour, it was a car designed for going places and getting there speedily.

Although road-legal, the Type-R was created to give people like you and me the power and swiftness of a race-ready touring car. It handles remarkably, with excellent traction and marginal leaning when cornering, and is a raucous andawesome drive. A true pleasure, it can almost foresee the road ahead in advance.

With Honda’s reputable name for reliability in the Integra series, make no mistake that almost any Integra you pick up is going to be dependable and will last for a long time with proper maintenance. Take note, though, that if you are after a Type-R, be well aware that it has almost certainly been thrashed to within one inch of its existence more than once before you actually see it! Therefore, when thinking about buying one, spend some time to examine the tyres and suspension.

When Honda finally revealed they were ending the Integra series because of the shrinking marketplace for them, there was a clear public outcry at the passing of this much loved machine. So much so, in fact, Honda actually lengthened production to an additional 150 or more Integra’s before finishing the series forever.

A well-loved car by many and for good reason, the Integra will forever be a part of driving history. If only once, everyone should drive an Integra. gulfstream for sale

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