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A commercial locksmith is a specialist in business security who is trained to work with a variety of locks and can offer professional installation, maintenance, repair and unlocking services. They can also run risk assessments on the premises and recommend better options to increase business security. They are experts in spotting vulnerable points and coming up with solutions to keep goods, cash and data safe from theft.

Depending on the nature of your business you might need to consider high-security locks, master key systems or access control systems. These types of locks offer a robust line of defence and are usually much harder to break than traditional locksets. They are a good option for areas that need to be kept off-limits to certain employees, such as storage rooms or offices containing sensitive information.

Commercial locks are typically more complex than residential ones and need a different set of skills to deal with them. Commercial locksmiths will be able to service electronic or digital locks, and provide a wide range of other security solutions that are tailored for businesses. They will be able to repair and install a wide variety of locks including electric locks, cylinders, mortice locks, door closers, key card systems and master key suits.

Locks are an essential part of any business but they can get damaged or malfunction due to daily use. Regular use can also cause them to jam or rust which might leave your business vulnerable to security threats. Commercial locksmiths will be able to examine and test your locks for any problems and repair or replace them as needed. They can also help with other security measures like installing alarm systems and CCTV cameras to monitor your business premises.

Most of the time commercial locksmiths are called out to help with emergency situations, such as when a lock is broken or lost. They will try to solve the problem as quickly and efficiently as possible without compromising your business’s security. They will have to start by trying to pick the lock in most cases but if they are unsuccessful they may dismantle the lock and put in a new one.

Many businesses will also have file cabinets and desks that will need locks to protect their important documents. These locks will need to be regularly maintained and tested for issues, especially when a lot of people are using them daily. Commercial locksmiths will be able to repair or upgrade these locks and help with any other security measures your business might require.

Some commercial properties will have several rooms with locks and it can be difficult to manage who has access to what area. A professional commercial locksmith will be able to help you design an access control system that lets management and owners have control over the entire building while still giving employees and customers limited access to specific spaces. They can also install mag locks which rely on magnets to secure doors creating a very strong and durable locking system that is extremely hard to break into.

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