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At present, some enterprises set water electroplating industrial park with a centralized sewage treatment, it changes the chaos of sewage discharge phenomenon. However, it needs high cost of sewage treatment and makes high energy consumption and water waste. The European Union and other countries also have strictly limits on hexavalent chromium, nickel of import products barium titanate. In this context, there is an urgent need to find an alternative to traditional plating surface water treatment, water electroplating industry, the traditional technology upgrades, technological innovation, both in line with national environmental policies, but also to meet export demand, while increasing exports added value. Compared with traditional water vacuum plating has the following advantages:

1) Widespread deposition of material: can be deposited aluminum, titanium, zirconium, etc. wet deposition of low-potential plating metal can, through the reaction gas and alloys can be deposited from the target is to ceramics and even diamond alloy coating, and can coating system designed according to needs.

2) Conserve the metal material: As the vacuum coating adhesion, density, hardness, corrosion resistance and other very fine, the deposition of coating thickness can be much smaller than the conventional wet plating coating, to achieve the purpose of saving material.

3) No environmental pollution: All coating materials are due in a vacuum environment by plasma deposition on the surface, there is no solution, pollution, no environmental hazards.

Water had the plating of foreign-related industries to emerging economies (mainly China), so the decorative coating of vacuum little research. However, to obtain in a vacuum, vacuum coating process, the film than on the detection of many Chinese to be advanced. And China has no system for this project, integrated development. Just some of the research institutes or companies for a specific product for a number of studies, such as luggage accessories, plumbing fittings. Overall, this is now the domestic industry does not attach importance to R & D, the expense of basic, traditional industries of R & D investment. Vacuum plating coating instead of water present on the technical difficulties are: to further improve the vacuum coating and the substrate surface (such as metals, plastics, ceramics, glass lamps) adhesion; To further improve the vacuum coating the surface of the decorative effect, mainly for some of the relatively rough surface of the material, and how not to pre-treatment in case of direct use of the vacuum vapor deposition method, without increasing the cost of the premise, to water plating can be achieved brightness, finish;

As the world’s manufacturing base, Guangdong has a large number of products requiring surface treatment and decoration. Now approach the water plating, painting, electrophoresis, anodizing, etc.. However, these methods are some of the pollution on the environment. The vacuum coating is known only to the environment without any pollution of surface treatment. Currently, the company has been in the water instead of the traditional vacuum plating electroplating done a lot of research and development work, such as plastic, stainless steel, iron and copper surface of the vacuum coating neodymium fluoride equipment and technology, and achieved some results, can partially substitute water plating, has a large number of devices entering the market, to achieve industrial production. However, in some processes but also on further R & D investment. And get the vacuum and plasma high-precision equipment, large one-time investment, equipment maintenance complex, less familiar with the talents of coating process, resulting in the promotion of vacuum coating technology is relatively slow. But as society progresses, the advantages of vacuum plating will become increasingly evident in many industries to replace traditional wet water, electroplating is the trend. It should be government-led publicity campaign to promote and support the vacuum coating plating application instead of water, increase the vacuum plating coating instead of water R & D investment, promote the upgrading of traditional industries. desk hoover

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