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Video Editor SDK is a powerful tool for your app’s video editing and effects module. It supports a wide range of editing tools, including clip, resize, merge, rotate, playback and split audio stream etc. It also enables you to set the mood with music, narration or subtitles, and apply dazzling effects and filters for a more compelling visual effect.

Create a professional looking video in minutes using state-of-the-art filters, adjustments and crop ratios to achieve the perfect fit for social media. Various handy tools like Stickers, Frames, Overlays, Brush and a wide variety of blend modes make your videos more attractive and engaging for your users.

Quickly build a clone of popular video editing apps or add a robust video editing feature to your app’s content management system. With a quick and easy-to-use interface, Video Editor SDK empowers your users to enthrall their audiences with impressive video content that increases engagement and boosts sales.

Empower your users to edit and share personalized videos with custom text overlays, stickers, filters, etc. to promote their unique lifestyle and aspire to be more creative.

Speed up your social media application development or boost engagement in a released app with an easy-to-use, highly intuitive UI that matches your app’s look and feel. Adding video editing to your app can free up your engineering team’s time to focus on growth and innovation, while accelerating release cycles.

Enhance your travel business applications with user-generated video content to increase bookings and improve brand loyalty. Give your travel agents and travelers an easy way to create travel itinerary videos with flights, hotels, local attractions and prices.

Strengthen your app with powerful video editing features, like radial, mirror, and gaussian blur, compositing, morphing, frames and overlays. Besides, you can customize the video’s color and gamma and trim the footage to select only the most interesting part. Meicam alternatives

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